Omicron Engineering has a fully equipped body shop and paint booth, and is capable of manufacturing panels, many available on a mail order basis.

Unlike many modern bodyshops who are geared up for rapid repairs of modern cars, and are not used to making panels, our bodyshop frequently has to make the panel as well, and to that extent we have extensive panel-making facilities including benders, folders and guillotines, edging jennies, flypresses, stretchers and shrinkers, an English Wheel, as well as various fixtures and jigs to help make complex shapes.    We have MiG, TiG and oxy-acetelyne welding equipment and are experienced with working with both steel and aluminium, the two most common metals used in car bodywork.   In very basic terms our bodyshop can transform a flat sheet of metal into a car!

We can also work with composites as well, both fibreglass and carbon fibre, as well as working with wooden construction, such as the timber frame of many vintage cars, the chassis of older Morgan and Marcos or the exterior frame of the Mini Countryman.

We often have to carry out insurance repair work for cars damaged in an accident.

We have a full body jig for Lancia Fulvias which locates all critical subframe and suspension mounting points as well as vehicle tilters and chassis rollers to allow easy access to the undersides of vehicles.

We have our own paint mixing scheme and paint vehicles on site using two pack materials within our heated paint booth. Once the paint has been flatted and polished, we feel two pack gives the best results possible.   As the key to a good paint finish is preparation, we are particularly choosy over primers and corossion inhibitors, especially relating to hidden areas and box sections.

Our bodyshop also makes parts for Omicron’s mail order parts division, using jigs and patterns.    The range includes doorskins, half wings and wheel-arch sections as well as more complicated panels such as headlamp mounting panels.

We have quite a large quantity of original factory panels to use as a master template, and for panels which we do not have a master panel available, we would require the car to copy, or have dimensioned drawings and templates to work from.

aurb24f6.jpg (19689 bytes)
Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider – before
aprili1.jpg (9653 bytes)
Lancia Aprilia – before
aurb24.jpg (20731 bytes)
Lancia Aurelia B24 Spider – after
aprili2.jpg (8852 bytes)
Lancia Aprilia – after
wpe11.jpg (8827 bytes)
Lancia Flaminia Supersport – sill repairs
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Packard Eight, bonnet
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Lancia Flaminia Supersport
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Lancia Flaminia Supersport