Omicron can offer vehicle collection and delivery services as well.

We have to collect many of the cars we work on because they are not roadworthy for one reason or another, and also some owners find it useful for us to return the car to them after work has been completed, although many choose to collect their cars personally and enjoy the drive home.

We used to subcontract this service, but scheduling problems with a third parties meant that it was sensible to bring this service in-house using our own vans and trailers.   We have open and closed trailers which will accept most cars easily, and both have winches to help load cars which cannot be driven.    We also have a race truck which will accept one or two formula type single seater racing cars.

Given advance warning, we can also collect cars that are completely or partially dismantled or are otherwise awkward to move.    The picture (left) illustrates an Aprilia which was collected from the London area as a shell and returned to them as a rolling and driving vehicle for the owners to continue working on themselves.

We can move cars around the UK or beyond if required – recently we had to deliver a Lancia Flaminia Sport to Antwerp in Belgium for onward sailing to Argentina, and to collect the car several months later afterwards, and to collect a Flaminia Berlina from the South of France. We have also had to collect and deliver cars to Austria, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Holland and Ireland, as well as all around the UK.

Transport costs are usually calculated on a per mile basis plus expenses such as ferry tickets, accommodation if overnight stops are needed and toll charges.

Import / Export of cars

If you are thinking of buying a car from overseas, or are selling a car abroad, we can help with import and export procedures. We can assist with collection or delivery within Europe, and can collect or deliver cars to and from customs, the quayside or shipping agents warehouses.

We have transported cars to and from the USA, to Australia, to and from Japan, from South Africa, as well as throughout Europe.

Contact us for further details.