Propshaft Balancing

Lancia Aurelia and Flaminias have a reputation for suffering from propshaft vibration.  There is some truth in this, but the fault is often due to poor attention to detail during maintenance.

Lancia originally balanced the propshaft as a complete assembly, but over the past 60 or so years the original markings have long since vanished, and the propshaft has been taken to pieces and assembled several times, often without making any attempt to preserve the orientation of parts as found.

We have invested in special vibration measuring and analysis equipment and recently have significantly improved the balance of many such cars, and can do similar works on your car.

We can determine if the imbalance is at the engine end, the clutch, gearbox or within the propshaft itself (or a cumulation of imbalances adding up) and can then take steps to rectify the problem by adding weights in some areas or removing weight from others.

Recent cars to benefit from this service includes an Aurelia B24 Convertible, a B20 Coupe as well as Flaminia Touring GT, Flaminia Touring GTL and Flaminia Pininfarina Coupe, but the equipment could be used on other models as well, such as some Alfa Romeos, Porsche and Ferraris.

We have succesfully applied these techniques to other cars fitted with a transaxle, most recently an Alfa Romeo Alfetta.

Please note: We can only work on cars that have a propshaft running at engine speed at all times – ie front engined cars that have the gearbox and clutch at the back. We cannot balance propshafts off the car.