Restoration of the electrical system is another aspect that Omicron can assist with.

During a restoration we will service and rebuild starter motors, dynamos, alternators and distributors as well as the other electrical systems on the car.

Lamps and lenses can often be dismantled and refurbished, sometimes just a good clean is all that is needed, but if further work is necessary, and acceptable replacements are not available, then rims and bezels can be rechromed or refinished, lenses polished and reflectors re-silvered if required.

Often the original wiring loom can be re-used after a thorough clean and careful inspection and subsequent localised repairs, but sometimes there is no option other than to make a new wiring loom – early looms used fabric insulation which can rot, and early plastic insulation can also degrade, in both cases leaving exposed wires which can short out which can lead to a fire.

If a new loom has to be made, then the original loom can be used a master pattern (although this is not essential), with the new loom being laid a circuit at a time.   Many early cars didn’t have colour coded wiring harnesses, and we can either continue with this tradition if originality is important, or we can rewire the car using coloured wires and can provide an amended wiring diagram for future reference.

We are also able to offer alternative upgrades to some components, such as alternator conversions for cars equipped with dynamos and more powerful starter motors.    If these are chosen we always try and make it reversible easily, so that the original units can be re-fitted at a later date if necessary.

Period radios, if fitted, can often be repaired if faulty, and can oten be upgraded with an FM conversion or the addition of an ipod/mp3 connector.   If your car doesn’t have a period radio, one appropriate for your car can be obtained from the various period radio specialists, or there are various modern ones, including ones with retro styling but modern functionality, including satellite navigation which do not need to be hidden away.

We can incorporate battery cut-off switches to prevent current drain and adds a basic level of security, and if required we can also fit trickle charger or battery conditioner sockets in discreet yet accessible places.

We have fitted aftermarket ECUs to several vehicles which were being converted from carburettor to fuel injection which requires adding various sensors to the engine, and running a wiring harness to the ECU which is usually hidden away.    Our Formula 3 cars also have extensive datalogging functions and the wiring harnesses on these cars use advanced military type multi-pin connectors which requires a steady hand with a soldering iron