The term ‘mechanicals’ is a deliberately loose catch-all term intended to cover the all other mechanical aspects of a car, not including the engine as that is covered on a separate page.   This would include work to the obvious large assemblies such as gearbox rebuilds; rebuilds of driveshafts, propshafts and constant velocity joints; work to the steering and suspension of the car; and to the braking system; but would also include smaller things such as the operation of heater controls, windscreen wiper linkages, door lock mechanisms, the pedal box assembly, gear linkage, clutch and so on.

We answer probably more phone calls from people with brake problems than anything else, and regularly service and rebuild brake components, especially the complex Bonaldi duplex brake servo (booster) as seen on the Flaminia and Flavia.  We have constructed a brake testing facility so we can bench-test components rigorously before fitting them on the car – or sending to the opposite side of the world.   We have fixtures for ensuring brake drums are true and a brake lathe for machining brake discs, both on and off car.

We have many fixtures and jigs to aid dismantling of suspension, including those to mount Lancias innovative sliding pillar front suspension that was used from the 1920’s and subsequently refined until the late 1950’s.    We have apparatus to measure coil spring rates and have recently constructed a similar rig to help measure the spring rates of leaf springs., which if you are having springs re-tempered or remade to original or competition specification, is essential to be able to quantify in a repeatable manner to ensure what you want is what you get..

We also have accurate alignment gauges and systems for accurately setting up suspension and steering and corner weight scales.   Accuracy in this area is vital for our Formula 3 racing cars to handle properly and whilst less critical for less extreme competition cars or road cars, accurately set suspension geometry extends tyre life, decreases fuel consumption and makes the car more predictable and safer to drive.

Propshaft vibration is a problem that many Aurelias, Flaminias and other front engine, rear wheel drive cars suffer from.   We have invested in complex vibration analysis equipment and have become adept at improving this or eradicating this entirely. Often it is a cumulative effect of clutch and flywheel being out of balance, magnified by the propshaft.

flamsusp.jpg (15086 bytes)Flaminia Super Sport front suspensionOverhauled using Omicron reproduction Koni dampers, new ball joint spheres, new track rod ends, new wheel bearings.   Ready to be mounted back in car.
fulgbox.jpg (17038 bytes)Fulvia gearbox overhaul
servo.jpg (11452 bytes)Flavia / Flaminia duplex servoEveryone has problems with Lancia brakes, so we have built a special testing station to test servos, master cylinders or wheel cylinders without the dangers involved of road testing.We also stock seal repair kits for most models.